Madrasah Ibn Taymiyyah works to provide a structured Islamic Education offer for young children aged 5 to 16. Our programme is robust and innovative with regards to teaching methods and approaches to ensure that all concerned ‘get’ the underpinning principles on offer. 

Our values

We are committed to educating the local community and beyond regarding the correct, balanced understanding of Islam. With this we welcome you all to be part of developing the next generation of Muslims; confident, empowered and informed to encourage positive contribution to the local community. 

Parental Engagement

We at Madrasah Ibn Taymiyyah, believe that parental input and participation is of utmost importance. From the beginning we encourage parents to get involved by enquiring of their children what they have been learning at Madrasah; checking and ensuring that homework and projects are completed; checking on progress with the Madrasah teachers, and understanding that they also have to play a part in the Islamic education of their children . 


Our prices are dependant on whether a child attends the weekend or midweek madrasah.

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