The Westminster Attack

Brixton Mosque – Press Release

The Westminster Attack

Brixton Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre is repulsed by the callous and repugnant terrorist attack at Westminster in London on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 which has resulted in the death of four people with forty other people seriously injured and maimed.

Such barbaric attacks on innocent people are totally contrary to the
fundamental teachings of Islam, and Islam is free from such criminal and heretical acts.

We at Brixton Mosque have no compunction when it comes to directly taking on, refuting and repudiating extremists wherever they may be, be it on our own doorstep in Brixton, London generally, Birmingham or wherever the Takfiri-Jihadi fanatics may
hide in the UK and use their tactics to sully the beautiful name of Islam.

Brixton Mosque further condemns in no uncertain terms the cowardly attacks on the Muslim community which usually follow such heretical and terrorist actions. Muslims should not only be on guard and protect themselves where necessary, but also seek
to report any hate crimes directed at them in the appropriate manner.

The Brixton Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre has, all praise is due to Allaah, a consistent and unblemished record when it comes to challenging, refuting and exposing extremism.

It is to the Mosque’s credit that it has been at the forefront of
directly taking on extremism head-on before it became a fashion trend to do so post 9/11. The same can be said of other established Salafi communities in the UK.

The Salafi ethos of Brixton Mosque has been pivotal in critiquing and rebuffing the Khawarij and Jihadi-Takfiri method over the last twenty years.

However, it has been unfortunate to observe over the last few years in the UK attempts to criminalise those very Muslims who have been at the forefront of directly challenging the Takfiri ideology, via referring to the Salafis for example as being “non-violent extremists” and the Salafi method as in some way providing   “mood music” to ISIS heresy and extremism?!

The newly concocted term of “non-violent extremism” is not only patronising but also demonstrates a distinct lack of engagement with those Muslims best equipped in society to undermine the corrupt, wicked and evil ideology upheld by deviant and
heretical sects such as ISIS and is contributory to the continuing radicalisation of people from all communities .

Furthermore, such a conflation demonstrates an acute ignorance of the fundamentals of Sunni Islam (Usul of Ahl us-Sunnah) and
Salafiyyah, which is the complete antithesis to the Khawaarij teachings of ISIS.

Indeed, the Salafi Muslims scholars have condemned the ISIS methodology in detail, taking the lead in countering ISIS.1

The public relations team are available for further discussion and are willing to assist serious and credible researchers and journalists.

Media and Public Relations Department

Brixton Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre, London

Thursday 23rd March 2017

1 See for example the following document, The ISIS Papers: A Compilation of the Statements of the Salafi Scholars
Regarding ISIS/ISIL:

The ISIS Papers [New Update!]